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Noun1.Francisco Franco - Spanish general whose armies took control of Spain in 1939 and who ruled as a dictator until his death (1892-1975)Francisco Franco - Spanish general whose armies took control of Spain in 1939 and who ruled as a dictator until his death (1892-1975)
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Even Tory David Davies said it was akin to Franco's Spain.
The allegation is that through British contacts in General Franco's Spain, she was to contact Churchill and negotiate a peace favourable to the Nazis.
Oscar de la Renta, the doyen of American fashion, whose career began in the 1950s in Franco's Spain and sprawled across the better living rooms of Paris and New York, and who was the last survivor of that generation of bold, all-seeing tastemakers, died on Monday at his home in Kent, Conn.
Thus, womanhood in Franco's Spain implied motherhood; the distinction between the two was nonexistent.
Starting with the historical fact that many Nazi war criminals escaped after World War II with fortunes stolen from their victims and became ensconced in various countries like Franco's Spain, Peron's Argentina and anti-British Ireland, Stuart Neville has created a first-rate mystery.
Kerr conveys the whole broad swath of the particular time, plunging the reader into a densely realized history replete with mosquitoes and the stench of bodies, castles and cathedrals, Franco's Spain and anti-Polish prejudice, military hierarchies and Walther guns.
That war brought about the equally decisive defeat of Fascist Italy and also Nazi Germany, and for a couple of years after 1945, it seemed that Franco's Spain would also soon be swept away.
Even though the film creates a space for the representation of a non-normative, non-conformist type of masculinity, the final scene, permeated by fear of punishment and castration, reveals the impossibility of a different kind of masculinity within the heteronormative system of Franco's Spain.
In his study of Bunuel's Spanish language films from the 1950s and '60s, Gutierrez-Albilla draws his readers into the work by describing how, because of his isolation in Franco's Spain, he wasn't even aware of the coming-out of the gay community until he was living in Paris in the late 1980s and had the chance to see Bunuel's erotic film Belle de jour (1967).
Juaristi, son of Basque immigrants who fled Franco's Spain in 1948, grew up to become a sheepherder in Elko, Nevada.
They didn't have British passports and returning to Franco's Spain held many dangers.
Fear and Progress: Ordinary Lives in Franco's Spain, 1939-1975.