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or Fran·co·pro·ven·çal  (frăng′kō-prō′vän-säl′, -prŏv′ən-)
Any of a group of Romance dialects traditionally spoken in east-central France, western Switzerland, and northwest Italy, closely related to French and Provençal.


(ˌfræŋ koʊˌproʊ vənˈsɑl, -ˌprɒv ən-)

a group of Romance dialects, spoken in E central France, W Switzerland, and the Valle d'Aosta in Italy, that have features of French and Occitan.
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Aside from marking a transition in lyrical and musical composition from a formal Franco-Provencal troubadour style toward an authentic Italian Ars Nova characterized by dolcezza, the canto amoroso Casella sings at Dante's request should retain our interest, according to Cerocchi, because its profane character renders it extraneous to Purgatorio's dominant liturgical theme of spiritual purification.
My own dissertation, Dialect Boundaries and the Question of Franco-Provencal, which I defended ten days after the death of Professor Weinreich, includes a map of different roof styles in France, which corresponds somewhat to maps of different dialect areas.
As for dialect poetry, those who most entice me are: Ettore Baraldi, Luigi Bressan, Pietro Civitareale, Ignazio Delogu, Bianca Dorato, Amedeo Giacomini, Franco Loi, Dante Maffia, Marcello Marciani, Giuseppe Rosato, Cesare Ruffato, Achille Serrao, Andrea Zanzotto, and Marco Gal, who works in a "patois" known today as Franco-Provencal.
It would have been helpful to provide translations of at least some of these samples, as well as some comments on the linguistic features distinguishing langue d'oil, langue d'oc, and franco-provencal.
A massive list shows that saints whose lives are extant in langue d'oil and in franco-provencal number 228.