Francois Rabelais

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Noun1.Francois Rabelais - author of satirical attacks on medieval scholasticism (1494-1553)Francois Rabelais - author of satirical attacks on medieval scholasticism (1494-1553)
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[beaucoup moins que] L'ignorance est mere de tous les maux ![beaucoup plus grand que], disait un jour Francois Rabelais, l'ecrivain humaniste de la Renaissance a l'Hexagone.
Jeux de mots, Enjeux Litteraires, de Francois Rabelais a Richard Millet: Essais en Hommage a Sjef Houppermans (French Edition)
(TAP) - "Our goal is to honour Tunisia and represent the national cuisine properly," said Chefs Bilel Ouechtati and Shiraz Triki El Ghoul, who will represent the country in the competition "Toque d'or international de Cuisine 2016", to be held on November 16 at the Lycee hotelier Francois Rabelais in Duny (Seine, Saint-Denis), France.
Evidence, however, is of the most limited kind--a single instance in Scotsman Thomas Urquhart's translation of Francois Rabelais's Troisieme Livre des faits et dits Heroiques du noble Pantagniel.
John, an office temp, photographer and university teaching assistant of philosophy, has more than enough on his post-traumatic, hyperactive mind, without something as absurd as this weighing down on him, not to mention that he is haunted—well, annoyed more than anything—by either the spirits or imaginary spirits of Giovanni Boccaccio, Francois Rabelais and a she-devil named Sabrina.
"Looking For Alaska" by John Green (Ages 14 to 17) - This is about Miles Halter and his obsession with the "Great Perhaps," which are said to be the last words spoken by poet Francois Rabelais. As he goes to look for it, he meets Alaska.
The word actually refers to a character from Gargantua and Pantagruel, a 16th-century tale by Francois Rabelais about a giant and his son.
Francois Rabelais, Tours, France), Regis Fournier, and Amine Nait-Ali (both U.