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It is not impossible that this conceit occurred to Hawthorne before he had himself seen the Old Man of the Mountain, or the Profile, in the Franconia Notch which is generally associated in the minds of readers with The Great Stone Face.
the solitary horseman of the classic romances--might have been observed wending his way across Franconia in a north-easterly direction, and at a height of about eleven thousand feet above the sea and still spindling slowly.
He had, in fact, crossed the designs of no less a power than the German Empire, he had blundered into the hot focus of Welt-Politik, he was drifting helplessly towards the great Imperial secret, the immense aeronautic park that had been established at a headlong pace in Franconia to develop silently, swiftly, and on an immense scale the great discoveries of Hunstedt and Stossel, and so to give Germany before all other nations a fleet of airships, the air power and the Empire of the world.
The Meopta folks said they made 1,000 scopes for German distributor Franconia a few years back.
Berlack, from Franconia, New Hampshire, and Astle, from Sandy, Utah, were part of a group of six skiers who were descending from the 3,056-meter Gaislachkogel when they left the prepared slope and apparently set off the avalanche.
The Cunard liner Franconia was also a regular visitor but the ship had its last scheduled service to Liverpool in January 1968, setting sale from Southampton in later years.
She was born in a poorhouse in Co Limerick and in 1923 travelled on the RMS Franconia to the US at the age of one.
In addition to lounge seating, the Southwest Porch at Strauss Square will offer free ping pong, free WiFi, unique outdoor cuisine from Wolfgang Puck's onsite grill, specialty cocktails created by Wolfgang Puck, and a signature Southwest Brew, Franconia Wheat, created by Franconia Brewing company of McKinney, TX.
But the celebration was to turn to tragedy for the sister ships Laconia and Franconia, launched by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson, when both were torpedoed by German U-boats within five months of each other.
The brooch pictured here is of the Franconia, another Cunard ship which served as a troopship during World War II.
This beer is brewed with smoked malt, which in the UK is usually reserved for whisky making but in Germany and particularly the Bamberg area of Franconia is still used for brewing beer.