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 (frăng-kō′nē-ə, -kōn′yə, frăn-)
A region and former duchy of southern Germany. One of the five primary duchies of medieval Germany, Franconia passed to Bavaria in 1810.


(Placename) a medieval duchy of Germany, inhabited by the Franks from the 7th century, now chiefly in Bavaria, Hesse, and Baden-Württemberg


(fræŋˈkoʊ ni ə, -ˈkoʊn yə, fræn-)

a medieval duchy in Germany in the valley of the Main River.
Fran•co′ni•an, n., adj.


nFranken nt
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Former Franconia Township Manager Kevin Baver, who resigned last month, will continue to be paid by the township for six months under the terms of a confidential separation contract released in response to a request under Right to Know laws.
Wampler's recycling program not only helps reduce the burden on our neighboring landfills, but also returns money to the Franconia Township to use in productive ways.
Alderfer Landfill Site, Franconia Township, Montgomery County -- In early November, DER began permanently closing the abandoned Alderfer Landfill by stabilizing the stream bank along the site, placing a soil cap on the bank and removing contaminated sediments from the stream.