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 (frăng′kə-fīl′) also Fran·co·phil (-fĭl′)
A person who admires France, its people, or its culture.

Fran′co·phile′ adj.
Fran′co·phil′i·a (-fĭl′ē-ə, -fēl′yə) n.


(ˈfræŋkəʊˌfaɪl) or sometimes not capital


a person who admires France and the French
marked by or possessing admiration of France and the French


(ˈfræŋ kəˌfaɪl)

also Fran•co•phil


1. friendly to or admiring of France or the French.
2. a person who is friendly to or admiring of France or the French.
Fran•co•phil•i•a (ˌfræŋ kəˈfɪl i ə, -ˈfil yə) n.


a person with a fondness for France and things French.
See also: -Phile, -Philia, -Phily
See also: France


Someone who admires France, its culture, or its people.
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Noun1.Francophile - an admirer of France and everything French
admirer, booster, protagonist, supporter, champion, friend - a person who backs a politician or a team etc.; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library"


[ˈfræŋkəʊfaɪl] Nfrancófilo/a m/f


[ˈfræŋkəʊˌfaɪl] nfrancofilo/a
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Veggies may flounder between the leggy langoustines and les lapins but meat-eaters and Francophiles are tres content here.
As it airs the largest offering of French language television, with programmes originating from French-speaking regions around the world, it is not solely focussed on French travellers but all French speakers and Francophiles. Indeed, 40% of our audience are not native French speakers.
FRANCOPHILES have been invited to attend the screening of a French film later this month, as part of the French Embassy's efforts to re-launch the French cinema club in Bahrain which has newly been dubbed Cafe des Images et de la Creation.
17 at the big event, La Soiree, in San Francisco, where 1,000 Francophiles and epicureans gathered for the annual fundraiser.
Blue, white and red flags will be fluttering Thursday as France and Francophiles around the world celebrate the country's national day.
Wieviorka exhibits the sharp, penetrating mind of a social theorist, calling any cursory classification of the resistance arbitrary, and warning that even "the same doctrinal foundations could lead to opposing engagements." Informative as well as intellectually stimulating, The French Resistance is a must-read for Francophiles and history buffs.
Francophiles will be pleased to see the return of several French regional destinations which proved popular with travellers from Birmingham last summer.
Francophiles can take advantage of DFDS Seaways' new multi-trip offer on its Dover-Dunkirk and Dover-Calais routes.
As a pair of criminally-effete francophiles, the office was ringing out with ous and la las, yesterday, such was the excitement about a new festival in Belfast.
Warmly recommended as a book that might inspire future Francophiles, and also as a useful introduction to a visit to a famous city.
Obvious francophiles , Morrisons know that all advertising is good advertising, they saw an opportunity and grabbed it.