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or Fran·co·pro·ven·çal  (frăng′kō-prō′vän-säl′, -prŏv′ən-)
Any of a group of Romance dialects traditionally spoken in east-central France, western Switzerland, and northwest Italy, closely related to French and Provençal.


(ˌfræŋ koʊˌproʊ vənˈsɑl, -ˌprɒv ən-)

a group of Romance dialects, spoken in E central France, W Switzerland, and the Valle d'Aosta in Italy, that have features of French and Occitan.
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The scale of the problem can be seen in Robb's map (58-59) of the fifty five major dialects and hundreds of local dialects belonging to the thirteen principal language groups (Oil, Occitan, Breton, Francoprovencal, etc.).The statistics are remarkable: at the time of the Revolution, around only 11% of the population was competent in French; by 1880, that percentage had barely doubled.
"Potentially endangered" languages are Francoprovencal, Piedmontese, Ligurian, Lombard, Emilian and Corsican.
legendes en langue d'oil et en francoprovencal." Ed.