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French characterized by numerous borrowings from English.

[Blend of French français, French (from Old French franceis, from France, France) and anglais, English (from Old French englois, from Old English Angel, from Latin Anglī, the Angles; see Angle).]


(French frɑ̃ɡlɛ)
informal French containing a high proportion of words of English origin
[C20: from French français French + anglais English]


(frɑŋˈgleɪ, -ˈglɛ)

(sometimes l.c.) French spoken or written with what is judged to be an excessive or indiscriminate admixture of English words.
[1960–65; b. French français French and anglais English]


French characterized by an interlarding of English loan words.
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[frɑ̃ˈglɛ] N (hum) → franglés m


nFranglais nt, → Französisch ntmit vielen englischen Ausdrücken
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So it goes that, following on from our lastminute pre-Christmas weekend break (in which the skiing bit was augmented by sourcing a socket set in a blizzard, changing a car battery in a blizzard, improving our French via the medium of Franglish in three separate breakdown garages, in a blizzard, and learning that a busted alternateur est un chienne in any language), this trip's theme, if you will, has been "haute domestic".
O franglish, nessa definicao, assim como a lingua-Arlequim de Corbiere, esse poeta com fama de subalterno ao qual o senhor concede um lugar central em Poesie et figuration, e o que permite perturbar a pureza da poesia e faze-la entrar no caminho da miseria?
The quaint Franglish of the title, for which Zloznik and Horner half-heartedly apologize in their unassuming introduction, signals a re-orientation of critical emphasis along a Franco-British axis, with a few spokes extended towards America and even Germany.
Y cuando si lo hablan, suele ser o algo lento o un poco anticuado (y mas bello que el franglish tan abundante hoy).