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 (cho͞o-rä′skō, chə-răs′kō)
Grilled meat, especially when cooked on a skewer in Brazilian cuisine and served with chimichurri.

[Brazilian Portuguese, from Argentinian and Uruguayan Spanish churrasco, barbecued cuts of beef, from Spanish churrascar, to toast, grill, barbecue, originally a variant of Spanish dialectal churruscar, probably ultimately from blending of Spanish churrar, to toast (of imitative origin, from the sound of sizzling), Spanish socarrar, to singe, toast (from Old Spanish, perhaps of Basque origin : from Basque su, fire + karra, flame), and Spanish chamuscar, to singe (probably from Portuguese chamuscar, perhaps from Vulgar Latin *sēmiusticāre, to singe, (influenced by Portuguese chama, flame, from Latin flamma; see bhel- in Indo-European roots), from Latin sēmiustus, singed : sēmi-, half, semi- + ustus, burnt, past participle of ūrere, to burn).]
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