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, Robert Born 1924.
Swiss-born American photographer and filmmaker noted for his clear-cut documentary style and interest in popular culture.
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Frank Robert Jones was responsible for designing and hand-painting giant posters which were sent all over the world to advertise the company's cruises and transatlantic voyages during the 1930s.
FRANK ROBERT Henry (Harry) Whilst in hospital on October 16, Harry aged 83 years.
Hardly anyone knew him well." He is the owner of a dog, "Frank Robert [great name for a dog!], a Chinese Shar Pei, [who] had the same temperament as his fellow countrymen; he was both inscrutable and dignified.
My recent publication [1] spent on the biography of Frank Robert Tangherlini (on the occasion of his 85th birthday) contained a minor lack of information in the field of mainly his family life, details of his military service during the World War II, and his private communications with some famous physicists of the 20th century.
Already fifty years ago, Frank Robert Tangherlini, an American theoretical physicist, suggested an original procedure which, targeting the synchronization of clocks located in two different inertial reference frames of the space, was different from that Einstein had introduced.
Andrew Frank Robert Dudley, aged 29, of Chester Street, Radford, Coventry, conduct causing a breach of the peace, bound over for one year.
Vincent Henry Cockman, Frank Robert Frostick, Maurice Leslie Jensen and Michael John Minty Hosier died after their two AT6 planes ploughed into hills in the Kiamichi Mountains, Oklahoma.
GILLSON FRANK ROBERT The family of the late Frank wish to thank all relatives, friends and neighbours for the kind expressions of sympathy, cards of condolence and donations for C.A.R.T.
Andrew Frank Robert Dudley, aged 27, of Linwood Drive, Woodway Park, Coventry, theft to the value of pounds 88.94, fined pounds 100.
OPEN FINAL: 1) EL Morgan, Aberystwyth, Glen, 4; 2) Dylan Davies, Llanegryn, Sali, 5; 3) EW Edwards, Ruthin, Jet, 7; 4) Frank Roberts, Llandegla, Bill, 7 (OLF); 5) Dylan Davies, Llanegryn, Sam, 7: 6) EL Morgan, Aberystwyth, Nel, 11.
However, director Frank Roberts of Elk Grove Village is not concerned.
Ceri and Moel Dan then went on to win the Novice just ahead of Frank Roberts, Llandegla, with Bill.