Frank Sinatra

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Noun1.Frank Sinatra - United States singer and film actor (1915-1998)Frank Sinatra - United States singer and film actor (1915-1998)
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Trifffitt, performing in Cyprus for the first time, is considered the world's number one Frank Sinatra tribute act.
Afterwards, there's a chance to see the man himself in action in Frank Sinatra Live in New York, a concert from 1974.
Frank Sinatra is also said to have had good ties in politics -- apparently he was even a friend of John F.
Frank Sinatra Junior, aged 71, also gave insights into his life with his father, who died when he was 82, on stage and also spoke to the Birmingham Mail ahead of the concert.
Among the stars paying tribute to Frank Sinatra are Tony Bennett, Garth Brooks, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Adam Levine, Carrie Underwood and Usher.
Spencer's new book, Frank Sinatra: An Extraordinary Life (McNidder & Grace, PS15) tells readers how Frank's visits are today used to promote Ma Egerton's pizzas (the Frank Sinatra pizza includes Parma Ham and Parmesan cheese).
Throughout his six-decade career, Frank Sinatra performed on more than 1,400 recordings and was awarded 31 gold, nine platinum, three double platinum and one triple platinum album by the Recording Industry Association of America.
Frank Sinatra said of Father Rooney: "I am privileged to call him my friend".
Barbara Sinatra pointed out that Frank Sinatra did not leave anything to Ronan Farrow in his will.
It turned out that James liked the way the kid sang enough to hire him-after Frank Sinatra quit on bad terms in late 1939 to join the more popular Tommy Dorsey band.
Fine if you look like Frank Sinatra and Jill St John in Tony Rome.