Frank Winfield Woolworth

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Noun1.Frank Winfield Woolworth - United States businessman who opened a shop in 1879 selling low-priced goods and built it into a national chain of stores (1852-1919)
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1852: Frank Winfield Woolworth, merchant and founder of the chain store, was born in New York.
Founder Frank Winfield Woolworth chose the site following a nationwide tour of the UK and the shop proudly boasted "Nothing in the store over 6d".
It was the brainchild of Frank Winfield Woolworth, an American who had started a chain of "dime" stores in his homeland.
These were the stores and legacy that Frank Winfield Woolworth left to his granddaughter Barbara Woolworth Hutton.
In 1878 Frank Winfield Woolworth began the first Woolworths store with a loan of $300.
1852: Frank Winfield Woolworth, founder of the chain store, was born in New York.
The French Gothic mansion on East 80 Street was built in the early 1900s by dime store magnate Frank Winfield Woolworth for his daughter, Helena.
It was started as a five and dime store in New York by one Frank Winfield Woolworth. It's as American as Apple Pie and, yes, racial segregation.