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genetically engineered food
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n. Slang
A genetically modified food, especially a fruit or vegetable.

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The activists didn't light torches, but they did picket 100 theaters showing the film while passing out fliers that depicted a dinosaur pushing a grocery basket labeled "Bio-tech Frankenfoods."
Lynas once led the UK action against "frankenfoods", as critics dubbed genet-ically modified organisms, but has since ditched those beliefs.
Will gene editing be viewed as a state-of-the-art tool for improving crops, or an easier and faster way to create frankenfoods? One can only hope it's the former, and that plant science can fully enter the modern age of genomics, leaving fears of GMOs and MonSatan in the shadows.
"With all the challenges in our modern world of FrankenFoods and a sedentary lifestyle, strong cardio support becomes even more important.
While some see GMOs as Frankenfoods that hurt the environment, and us, others see them as the most promising solution to feeding the world's population, which is expected to skyrocket from 7 billion today to 10 billion by 2050.
There were all sorts of signs about the dangers of "Frankenfoods" aka GMOs.
Engineered crops were immediately dubbed "Frankenfoods" and Pleistocene "rewilded" habitats became "Frankenstein ecosystems".
Much more could have been made of our current fear of food additives, radiation, food-borne pathogens, and recent recalls, let alone so-called frankenfoods. In other words, do not expect a comprehensive account of our current food fears but rather a selection of choice vignettes told with real panache.
Throughout this book the terms "GMO" and "Frankenfoods" will refer to all genetically modified foods.
While the FDA, USDA and EPA have consistently held that GMOs pose no risk to the health of people or the planet, consumers are growing increasingly uncomfortable with ''Frankenfoods.'' According to USDA reports, over 90 percent of the U.S.
Visitors will not find rants that drum up fears of "Frankenfoods." Neither is this a celebration of science with grand promises about the future.