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Frankfurt School

(Philosophy) philosophy a school of thought, founded at the University of Frankfurt in 1923 by Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse and others, derived from Marxist, Freudian, and Hegelian theory
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Frankfurt school

A term referring to members of the Frankfurt Institute of Social research founded in 1923. The institute draws on the work of early Marx, Freud, and Hegel to produce an approach to the social sciences and philosophy which is known as critical theory.
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* Tarek Alexander Hassan, Boston University and NBER; Stephan Hollander, Tilburg University; Laurence van Lent, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management; and Ahmed Tahoun, London Business School, "Firm-Level Political Risk: Measurement and Effects" (NBER Working Paper No.
from Duke University in the United States and a diploma in Business Administration from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.
(The idea, though not the name, was hatched earlier, in a 1992 monograph called "The New Dark Age: The Frankfurt School and Political Correctness." It was written by a disciple of the noted conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche.)
This study for students and scholars draws on the ideas of Erich Fromm and the Frankfurt School to describe elements of the American national character and the history of various American regional characters.
In September 2008, the conference on the reception and influence of the Frankfurt School in China convened at the Frankfurt Goethe University, attended by scholars from China, Germany, South Korea, Japan, the United States, and so on.
Summary: According to a report recently released by the United Nations Environment Program, the Frankfurt School of Finance and Bloomberg, the sun has become the most attractive source for new investments in global energy production.
Those results were in large part due to a young graduate student at the Frankfurt School shortly before it left Germany for the United States in 1933, after Hitler came to power.
She holds a Bachelors of Commerce from Daystar University and a Global Executive MBA (Strategy) from USIU-A in partnership with the Frankfurt School of Finance in Germany.Currently, she is a candidate for a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree in Finance at USIU-A in collaboration with the Columbia Business School in New York.
Karugu is an alumnus of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (Germany) and the University of Leicester (UK).
Adorno (1903-1969) was a prominent member of the Frankfurt School, was one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century in the areas of social theory, philosophy and aesthetics.

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