Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Noun1.Franklin Delano Roosevelt - 32nd President of the United StatesFranklin Delano Roosevelt - 32nd President of the United States; elected four times; instituted New Deal to counter the Great Depression and led country during World War II (1882-1945)
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The exhibition, part of TCLF's Landslide program, calls attention to threatened and at-risk works of landscape architecture and landscape features, and will include photographs of some of Halprin's most iconic projects, from Sea Ranch in northern California (photography by Saxon Holt) to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D.C.
IN THE SIMPLE FAITH of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Religion's Role in the FDR Presidency, Christine Wicker's intent is pretty clear-cut.
But history buffs regardless of political perspectives and affiliations journey to this town in Dutchess County to visit the National Park Service administrated, Franklin Delano Roosevelt home, Presidential Library and Museum, and the nearby Val-Kill, to learn about Eleanor Roosevelt and her husband Franklin, the 32nd President of the United States.
Furthermore, in writing a detailed and unbiased biography of McNutt, Kotlowski has demonstrated how his life and career was interwoven with one of America's greatest statesmen, and revealed to the historical community a new window in which to view Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Overall, Dean Kotlowski's book Paul V.
Murphy had earned 3 nominations for Tony awards and two for Emmy throughout her career, where she had won an Emmy for portraying Sara Delano Roosevelt, mother of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in 1976 TV movie 'Eleanor and Franklin.'
The prayer to be included on the plaque was delivered over the radio to millions of Americans by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the morning of the June 6, 1944, D-Day invasion, the Allied push into Europe that eventually led to the end of the conflict.
The passenger was later identified as the nation's well-known president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.''
presidential campaign presented several problems for the incumbent, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, including the escalating war in Europe, his own declining health, and questions regarding his vice president, who was widely identified as an eccentric, left-leaning, communist sympathizer.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt met with Late King Abdulaziz, is just "two-and-a-half blocks from where you sit tonight." Smith focused much of his speech on telling personal stories of experiences he has had in his time as ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the changes that have occurred in the Kingdom.
We also get fascinating gossip about America's president Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the women in his life.
In 2005, I wrote a book about how the 1940 Republican presidential nominee Wendell Willkie's support for the draft in 1940 and for Lend-Lease in 1941 was essential to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's effort to prepare the country for World War II and to enable Britain, and then Russia, to hold out until we could get in.
It may seem more than strange that presidents from George Washington to Franklin Delano Roosevelt depended on a single assistant, referred to as the secretary to the president.

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