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, Sir John 1786-1847.
British explorer who led a search for the Northwest Passage (1845-1847) on which he and his 129-man crew died. A record of their discovery of the passage was found in 1859.
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FRANKLIN John Passed away peacefully on 11th July, aged 82 years.
Before it's done he will have met and won the respect of such other luminaries as Ben Franklin John Adams and the Marquis de Lafayette not to mention the hearts of both an aristocratic French mademoiselle and the beautiful daughter of a British naval officer former captain of a First-Rate man o'war.
Mewn rhaglen arbennig heno fe fydd 04 Wal yn bwrw golwg dros rai o adeiladau fwyaf nodedig Patagonia, gan edrych ar waith un o'i phenseiri amlycaf, Franklin John Humphreys.
Nicholas Sprague Wood, 21, was sentenced Friday to 7 1/2 years in prison, and Franklin John Arthur Gormand, 21, received a 90-day jail sentence.
Franklin John scored 104 not out and Chris Young 89 for Prestatyn II against Tranmere Vics.
Nicholas Sprague Wood, 21, and Franklin John Arthur Gorman, 23, both described as transients, are accused of breaking through the sliding glass door of a Maxwell Road home, confronting the resident in his bedroom and stealing marijuana and cash before running away.
Opener Craig Whalley (35)and Franklin John (65not out) swept Prestatyn to 115-2 off just 30 overs in a 20-4 split.
PRESTATYN SECONDS (home toBirkenhead Park): Christopher Young (capt),Gareth Friday, Franklin John,David Harris,John Morgan,William Owen,Mike Rushton,Darren Hughes, Haydn Owen,Richard Williams,Danny Pryde.

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