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Noun1.Franklin Pierce - 14th President of the United States (1804-1869)Franklin Pierce - 14th President of the United States (1804-1869)
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Tucker earned his law degree from the University Of New Hampshire School Of Law, formerly the Franklin Pierce Law Center.
Micky Minhas, vice president and chief patent counsel for Microsoft, has joined the faculty of the University of New Hampshire School of Law as Franklin Pierce Distinguished Professor of Intellectual Property Practice.
The other is with Franklin Pierce University, a liberal arts institution with just under 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students located about 20 miles away in Rindge, New Hampshire.
One school that went further is Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire, which will provide 20 full-tuition scholarships for current Mount Ida students this fall.
2003: Film star Arnold Schwarzenegger, above, is elected governor of California, ousting the incumbent, three years before the end of his SIGOURNEY Weaver, US actress, 1949, above MATT Damon, US actor, 1970 ARDAL O'Hanlon, Irish comedian, 1965 DIED CLEMENT Attlee, Prime Minister, 1967 FRANKLIN Pierce, US President, 1869 NIGEL Bruce, film actor, 1953
Excessively preoccupied with her physical state even as a young woman, upon her marriage to Franklin Pierce she made illness and depression a way of life.
Melinda Marie Jett<Ee> is a faculty member of Franklin Pierce University, New Hampshire.
talent that has helped Franklin Pierce continue its national and regional reign under coach Jayson King.
She holds a BS in marketing from Franklin Pierce University.
This article provides a review of an online master of business administration (MBA) program, developed as a partnership between Luhansk National University (Ukraine) and Franklin Pierce University (New Hampshire, United States), that was designed for working professions who were citizens of Ukraine.
WHO WAS FRANKLIN PIERCE? FEW people can say they are related to a 19th-century American President - but one man from Cardiff has claimed just that.

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