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Noun1.Franz Lehar - Hungarian composer of light operas (1870-1948)
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Between February 8 and 13, in six performances in three venues, it will play national gems: the Laszlo Hunyadi opera by Ferenc Erkel, and the ballet version of famous operetta by Franz Lehar, The Merry Widow (Vesela vdova).
In recent years, he played in the works of Kalman "Exemplary Gypsy, "Merry Widow" by Franz Lehar, "Love on the Stage" by S.
It was a splendid notion to bring Ivor Novello, Oscar Straus (no family connection) and Franz Lehar into this musical equation, with the very fine Illona Domnich drawing cheers from her audience with truly splendid performances of Novello's Waltz Of My Heart and that exquisite song from Oscar Straus's operetta The Chocolate Soldier called My Hero.
1948: Franz Lehar, Hungarian composer of operettas including The Merry Widow, died in Vienna aged 78.
Buczko is the guest artist in Philippine Ballet Theater's (PBT) 'The Merry Widow,' a comic ballet based on the operetta by Franz Lehar.
The choice of music for the town hall concert - from Richard Strauss to Franz Lehar - is particularly apt for the conductor who is currently undertaking a PhD at King's College, London, in Viennese operetta and the works of Lehar (The Merry Widow).
La segunda parte se dedico en un primer tramo a la opereta, especificamente a su gran creador, Franz Lehar, y la mas conocida de sus obras, La viuda alegre, en la que los cantantes ofrecieron una muestra de su ductilidad y adaptabilidad al genero que, aunque mas ligero que la opera, tiene sus particularidades que deben ser correctamente abordadas para no desvirtuarlo.
Known for bittersweet, minor-key melodies, gypsy rhythms, and the harmonic shifts of his lush scores-such as Die Csardasfurstin (The Gypsy Princess, 1915) and Grafin Mariza (Countess Maritza, 1924)-Kalman is one of the most esteemed of operetta composers, the equal of Franz Lehar and Johann Strauss, musicians who helped shape the sensibility of pre-war Vienna, along with Freud, Schnitzler, and Klimt.
Angerer (un nom etroitement lie a l'histoire de la creation de l'orchestre) et Franz Lehar (1870-1948).
The opera composed by Franz Lehar, and first staged in 1905, is based on an 1861 comedy play by Henri Meilhac entitled The Embassy Attache, about a rich widow and he attempts to keep her money by finding the right husband.
Soprano Maria D'Amato and baritone Dimitrie Lazich lead an ensemble in performing the best songs of Victor Herbert, Sigmund Romberg, Franz Lehar and more, at 7:30 p.
It will also include the work of Austro-Hungarian Franz Lehar, The Merry Widow and The Land of Smiles, and that of Austrian composer Franz von Suppe, Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna Overture.