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Noun1.Franz Werfel - United States writer (1890-1945)Franz Werfel - United States writer (1890-1945)  
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I never did read Franz Werfel's The Forty Days of Musa Dagh, the celebrated novel of the Armenian genocide that Ken urged upon me.
People of great prominence in 20th-century history are among the correspondents, including Albert Einstein, Franz Werfel, Theodor Hertzl, Stefan Zweig, C.G.
People of great prominence in 20th-century history are among the correspondents: Franz Werfel, Theodor Hertzl, Stefan Zweig, C.G.
In the 1930s, MGM planned to adapt "The Forty Days of Musa Dagh" Franz Werfel's novel about the massacres and deportations of Armenians, starring Clark Gable.
Her circle of friends included Alma Mahler (widow of the famed composer and conductor), Czech-born author Franz Werfel, Karl Renner (the State Chancellor of the First Austrian Republic), and composer Richard Strauss.
A Jew confirmed in his Jewish identity through Nazi persecution, (1) Expressionist poet, dramatist, and novelist Franz Werfel (1890-1945) nonetheless regarded his art as fundamentally Christian, expressing in symbols the truths of the faith.
In his novella Pale Blue Ink in a Lady's Hand, Franz Werfel masterfully draws out the contrast between the former imperial capital's urbane sophistication and the moral emptiness at its core.
Marriage to the Jewish poet and novelist, Franz Werfel,
Writers, actors, scriptwriters, directors, and producers, such as Fritz Lang, Peter Lorre, Salka Viertel, Franz Werfel, Billy Wilder, and Otto Preminger, came from these countries but were representatives of Weimar culture,.