Fraunhofer lines

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Fraun·ho·fer lines

A set of several hundred dark lines appearing against the bright background of the continuous solar spectrum and produced by absorption of light by the cooler gases in the sun's outer atmosphere at frequencies corresponding to the atomic transition frequencies of these gases.

[After Joseph von Fraunhofer (1787-1826), German physicist.]
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Fraunhofer lines

(German ˈfraunhoːfər)
pl n
(Anatomy) a set of dark lines appearing in the continuous emission spectrum of the sun. It is caused by the absorption of light of certain wavelengths coming from the hotter region of the sun by elements in the cooler outer atmosphere
[named after J. von Fraunhofer (1787–1826), German physicist]
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Fraunhofer lines

Dark lines seen on the Sun and other stars, named after their 1814 Bavarian discoverer.
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Eventually, John Evershed provided additional photographic evidence that the corona displayed a continuous spectrum without Fraunhofer lines and he established the wavelength of Harkness' K1474 coronal line at 5303.3 A [4].
That breakthrough was the science of spectroscopy, which identified consistent markers (Fraunhofer lines) for various elements in the spectrum of radiated light.
To achieve this, the intention is to mount a coelostatfed suite of instruments fixed in the meridian, generating images of the whole disk by white-light projection, by direct view in H[alpha] and at higher resolution by neutral-filtered direct view, as well as images of the solar spectrum both by projection at low resolution and in greater detail by direct view to display the Fraunhofer lines in all their glory.

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