Fraxinus excelsior

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Noun1.Fraxinus excelsior - tall ash of Europe to the Caucasus having leaves shiny dark-green above and pale downy beneath
ash tree, ash - any of various deciduous pinnate-leaved ornamental or timber trees of the genus Fraxinus
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Patented extract derived exclusively from the seeds/fruits of Fraxinus excelsior that significantly reduces post-prandial blood glucose both immediately and following tong term administration.
Fraxinus excelsior ydi'r enw gwyddonol ar yr onnen.
There are some specimens of the common ash, Fraxinus excelsior and Common Beech, Fagus sylvatica in our local woodlands but they are never as common as our wonderful oaks and birches.
degrees]) (7) ([degrees]) Ash Fraxinus excelsior * (5) (54) Maple Acer campestre * (4) Maple A.
Este suceso unido a la presencia de Fraxinus excelsior L y Salix purpurea subsp.
North American Ogham: Celtic Wisdom for the Prairies & Central Plains OGHAM CELTIC CENTRAL PLAINS Beith Silver Birch River Birch Betula pmdula Betula nigra Luis Rowan Red Cedar Sorbus aucuparia Juniperus virginiana Nuin Ash Redbud (Nion) Fraxinus excelsior Cercis canadensis Fearn Alder Red Maple Alnus glutinosa Acer rubrum Saille Willow Willow Salix spp.
Some of the trees that give our cities green lungs: Fraxinus excelsior - Ash Large deciduous tree with distinctive black buds in spring.
It contains 1 mg salicin/mL, as well as extracts of Populus tremula, Fraxinus excelsior, and Solidago virgaurea.
leaves of Fraxinus excelsior, Cornus sanguinea, Ulmus minor, Clematis vitalba, and Prunus padus (decomposition within 7 months, according to Penka et al.
The forest canopy is dominated almost exclusively by Fraxinus excelsior and Alnus glutinosa (L.