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 (frĕd′rĭk-tən, -ər-ĭk-)
The capital of New Brunswick, Canada, in the south-central part of the province on the St. John River northwest of St. John. It was founded by Loyalists in 1783 and became provincial capital in 1785.


(Placename) a city in SE Canada, capital of New Brunswick, on the St John River. Pop: 56 224 (2011)


(ˈfrɛd rɪk tən, ˈfrɛd ər ɪk-)

the capital of New Brunswick, in SE Canada, on the St. John River. 44,352.
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Noun1.Fredericton - the provincial capital of New Brunswick
New Brunswick - a province in southeastern Canada
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Sandy Newberry, Frederick's town clerk, said a concentration on commercial projects early in their growth spurt has, in turn, generated a healthy flow of rooftops.

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