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(tʃɪˈlu bə)

1. Frederick, born 1943, president of Zambia since 1991.
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Noun1.Chiluba - a member of a Bantu people in southeastern CongoChiluba - a member of a Bantu people in southeastern Congo
Belgian Congo, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zaire - a republic in central Africa; achieved independence from Belgium in 1960
Bantu - a member of any of a large number of linguistically related peoples of Central and South Africa
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This piece was highly critical of then Zambian President Frederick Chiluba, who was portrayed as being involved in a web of massive corruption.
In the 1990s, TV preacher Pat Robertson and several leaders of the Christian Reconstructionist movement--a fringe Religious Right faction that openly calls for "biblical law" in America--became enamored of Frederick Chiluba, who at the time was president of the central African nation of Zambia.
The late Frederick Chiluba of Zambia, Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria and Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal employed similar strategies, albeit with no success.
These include Frederick Chiluba in 2001 and more recently Edgar Lungu in Zambia, Olusegun Obesanjo of Nigeria (2005), Mamadou Tandja of Niger(2009-2010) and Blaise Compaore of Burkino Faso (2014).
1991 - Frederick Chiluba is sworn in as Zambia's new president.
Two notable examples come to mind--Zambia (Levy Mwanawasa and Frederick Chiluba) and Ghana (Atta Mills and Jerry Rawlings).
The outspoken opposition leader and former Finance Minister in the previous MMD government under late president Frederick Chiluba expressed regret that the country was losing huge amounts of money in taxes as a result of the insincerity of some international companies operating in Zambia.
Zambia's Frederick Chiluba, a Pentecostal Christian who ruled the country from 1991 to 2002, declared Zambia a Christian nation shortly after he was elected.
Zambia was officially declared a Christian nation in 1991 by then president Frederick Chiluba. This caused myriad problems, most notably a lack of access to birth control and disease prevention: Zambia has the highest incidence of HTV/AIDS of any country in the world (the reported 16 percent are the people who are aware that they have the disease, but owing to poverty, poor healthcare and the cultural suppression of women many more people are likely to be living with HIV/AIDS and not know it).
Kaunda's successor, Frederick Chiluba, made efforts to liberalize the economy and privatize industry, but allegations of massive corruption characterized the latter part of his administration.
But unlike Mwanawasa, he has failed to pursue the previous president, Frederick Chiluba, a monumentally corrupt man who has been ordered by a British court to repay Zambia $55 million that he had stolen.

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