Frederick Sanger

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Noun1.Frederick Sanger - English biochemist who determined the sequence of amino acids in insulin and who invented a technique to determine the genetic sequence of an organism (born in 1918)
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A long list released yesterday also featured Professor Stephen Hawking, Dorothy Hodgkin and Frederick Sanger, as well as Magnus Pyke and Marie Stopes.
Frederick Sanger (1918-2013) invented ways to decode or "sequence" both protein and DNA molecules.
Frederick Sanger is the only Nobel Laureate who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry twice, in 1958 and 1980.
1 person, Frederick Sanger, has been awarded the chemistry prize twice, in 1958 and in 1980.
The Nobel Prize winner Frederick Sanger and his team at Applied Biosystems developed one of the first DNA sequencing methods in 1977.