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 (frĕd′rĭks-bûrg′, -ər-ĭks-)
An independent city of northeast Virginia north of Richmond. In the Battle of Fredericksburg (December 1862) Ambrose Burnside's Union forces were defeated by Robert E. Lee's smaller Confederate army in one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.


(ˈfrɛd rɪksˌbɜrg, ˈfrɛd ər ɪks-)

a city in NE Virginia: scene of a Confederate victory 1862. 15,322.
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Noun1.Fredericksburg - a town in northeastern Virginia on the Rappahannock River
Old Dominion, Old Dominion State, VA, Virginia - a state in the eastern United States; one of the original 13 colonies; one of the Confederate States in the American Civil War
2.Fredericksburg - an important battle in the American Civil War (1862)Fredericksburg - an important battle in the American Civil War (1862); the Union Army under A. E. Burnside was defeated by the Confederate Army under Robert E. Lee
American Civil War, United States Civil War, War between the States - civil war in the United States between the North and the South; 1861-1865
Old Dominion, Old Dominion State, VA, Virginia - a state in the eastern United States; one of the original 13 colonies; one of the Confederate States in the American Civil War
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"A little trip to Fredericksburg would do me no great harm," thought he; "for I, poor beast of burden that I am, have so much to annoy me, that I don't know what a good appetite is.
"It is really pleasant enough," said he: "the whole day long I sit in the office amid the driest law-papers, and at night I fly in my dream as a lark in the gardens of Fredericksburg; one might really write a very pretty comedy upon it." He now fluttered down into the grass, turned his head gracefully on every side, and with his bill pecked the pliant blades of grass, which, in comparison to his present size, seemed as majestic as the palm-branches of northern Africa.
Besides, you good-for-nothing rascal, it is strictly forbidden to catch birds in the royal gardens of Fredericksburg; but your blue uniform betrays where you come from." This fine tirade sounded, however, to the ungodly sailor-boy like a mere "Pippi-pi." He gave the noisy bird a knock on his beak, and walked on.
In Fredericksburg, the heart of Hill Country, a distant FM translator licensed to Luckenbach has been the primary over-the-air method for receiving this unique Lone Star player.
Fredericksburg, VA, April 23, 2019 --( Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., ( announces a multi-property real estate auction from the Estate of A.
In his new role, Hall will be responsible for growing commercial relationships and loan activity within the Fredericksburg market.
All toys collected will benefit the Marine Corps Reserve's Toys for Tots programs in Southern Maryland and Fredericksburg. Anyone wishing to help make a difference in the life of a child or family in our community this holiday season by making a donation is invited to stop by any Community Bank of the Chesapeake branch.
The Maps of Fredericksburg: An Atlas of the Fredericksburg Campaign, Including all Cavalry Operations, September 18, 1862 - January 22, 1863
The Battle of Fredericksburg was fought December 11 15, 1862, in and around Fredericksburg, Virginia, between General Robert E.
Virginia Partners Bank, founded in 2008, is a community bank headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
In the weeks before a parks bond election in Fredericksburg this month, a Facebook page titled "Concerned Taxpayers of Fredericksburg" began to pop up on locals' news feeds.
FREDERICKSBURG, Pennsylvania, Jumada I 4, 1437, Feb 13, 2016, SPA -- A deadly pileup involving dozens of vehicles on an interstate highway in Pennsylvania sent more than 40 people to hospitals and more than 70 others to an emergency shelter set up to keep them out of the cold, authorities said Saturday, AP reported.

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