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 (jər-mā′nē-ə, -mān′yə)
An ancient region of central Europe corresponding largely with present-day Germany but extending west into the Low Countries and what is now northeast France. The portions of Germania west of the Rhine and south of the Danube were conquered and colonized by the Roman Empire, while most of the land to the east and north of those rivers remained largely in the hands of Germanic tribes.
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France's goal today is the same as it was back in the 1960s, when it first acquired nuclear weapons: to free Germany and the European Union from America's overwhelming influence.
The exiles in question were selected for this study because of their commitment to 'Free Germany', an anti-fascist organisation that was founded in 1943.
(27) However, while the German exiles could no longer receive direct guidelines, they were still able to listen to Moscow Radio, and thus learn about the creation of the National Committee for a Free Germany. Taking this as their guide, they understood that they had to do the same in their places of exile, and to create similar committees in Belgium, France and Switzerland.
Sherman in the United States' war against the Confederacy; the difficulties of the Austro-German alliance from 1914-1918; the 'Free Germany' resistance movement in East Prussia from 1944-5; a re-examination of 'revolutions' in military affairs which compares the Napoleonic era with the period from 1914 to 1918; atrocity, war crimes and treason during the Civil Wars; the creation and use of the term, 'shell shock', during the First World War; the nature of politicians' support of and opposition to war as seen in the US Senate from 1966-72; and the increasingly fraught relation between the US and Communist China over the latter's military power.
Ribery and Robben combined to free Germany defender Philipp Lahm down the right flank who fired in a cross which Gomez slotted home on 75 minutes before Robben struck with four minutes remaining.
"The Wall could never erase your dream, our dream of one Germany, a free Germany, a proud Germany," said Bush, 85, during the ceremony in a theatre just east of where the Wall stood from 1961.
Today the building is home to the German Resistance Memorial Centre and in its courtyard stands a stark memorial to those who attempted to free Germany from Nazi tyranny.
the securing of a free Germany with equal rights and the inclusion of such a Germany together with all other states in a stable international structure.
Thus, Gonen argues, National Socialist ideology reflected a distinctive set of ideas that were deeply rooted in the German psyche and experience, but repackaged with the promise to free Germany from its troubles.
Let us make it German and glorious; from its rising to its setting, the sun shall look down upon a beautiful, free Germany, and on the borders of the daughterlands, as upon those of their mother, no downtrodden, unfree people shall dwell, the rays of German freedom and German gentleness shall warm and transfigure the Cossack and the Frenchman, the Bushman and the Chinese.
The expressions of admiration for the German model of the 1930s were equally limited to a small circle of Arab intellectuals.(5) For these Arabists, it was the efficiency of the Nazi state, its ability to free Germany from the constraints of the Versailles Peace Treaty, and to salvage the German spirit from the defeat and chaotic times of the 1920s, that had the greatest positive impact.