Free board

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(Naut.) a vessel's side between water line and gunwale.

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He entered college as a sizar, that is, in return for doing the work of a servant he received free board and lodging in his college.
In return for these services he received free board and lodging.
If there is room for them it will be free board and lodging with all mod cons in jail.
COMSTECH will provide free board and lodging to speakers and a limited number of participants from OIC member states.
Briones said the successful applicants will be awarded full scholarship which includes free tuition fee, free board and lodging (with weekend home leave with parents or a designated legal guardian), classes with master teachers, monthly stipend, and free ticket to shows, events, and performances at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.
THE NEWLY named Indigenous Peoples' Mandatory Representative (IPMR) of Davao City is planning to provide free board and lodging for the IP students to defray their expenses when they study downtown.'One of our main projects is to give boarding house to those IP students who will study college here in the city,' said Cherry Ann Codilla, newly selected IPMR.
Villafranca added the scholars will be housed in the company dormitories in this free port and will be given free board and lodging, as well as free uniforms and transportation allowances.
Now we have our youngest son back at home with us and he has free board and lodging.
Foreign coaches can fetch as high as $2,500 depending on their credentials, plus free board and lodging.
An education at the school cost sixpence a week until 1878, when a new Free Board School was opened on the other side of Meldyke Square.
She said she searched for up to 15 hours each day, by foot, bicycle and air, and was given free board and lodging by local well-wishers.
Any D-listers reading this with a drug problem, going through an ugly relationship meltdown, a sex change, bankruptcy or who are out on police bail, there's probably still time to ring the producers and bag yourself a few weeks free board and lodging.