Free board

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(Naut.) a vessel's side between water line and gunwale.

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He entered college as a sizar, that is, in return for doing the work of a servant he received free board and lodging in his college.
In return for these services he received free board and lodging.
MAYOR Ruperto 'Rupet' Gonzaga III of Mawab, will be launching on February 1 a unique program where the municipal government would rent a house near the Davao Regional Medical Center (DRMC) in Apokon, Tagum City where relatives of confined patients from Mawab could stay-with free board and lodging.
Foreign coaches can fetch as high as $2,500 depending on their credentials, plus free board and lodging.
She said she searched for up to 15 hours each day, by foot, bicycle and air, and was given free board and lodging by local well-wishers.
Any D-listers reading this with a drug problem, going through an ugly relationship meltdown, a sex change, bankruptcy or who are out on police bail, there's probably still time to ring the producers and bag yourself a few weeks free board and lodging.
How is sentencing him to free board and steroids with an all-day gym pass a punishment?
Known as The Wizard of Wall Street, Robertson bought the lodge in 2009 and removed all free board perks of the former owners.
so the house should be put up for sale, while they are getting free board and lodge in jail at the taxpayers' expense.
Taipei :The murder of a 10-year-old boy whose throat was slit in a Taiwan playground has reignited a debate over the death penalty after the suspect reportedly said he was anticipating free board and lodging in jail.
No wonder the likes of Assad and Mugabe are not yet quite quaking in their open-toed sandals, with the prospect of free board and lodgings, even if toppled.
And when he did get caught he got three years' free board and lodging