Free charge

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(Elec.) a charge of electricity in the free or statical condition; free electricity.
- Bouvier.

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In August 2017, Fewa offered a two-month free charge for electric vehicles at any of its offices.
5 million free charge books, a book for each student, the designation and printing of the new curriculum books for the first and second classes with completion of the of the first phase of the teachers training project on the new curriculum.
Furthermore, 30 tons of barley from the country's strategic reserve will be given to farmers free of charge to be used as cattle food and finally analyses and testing of the soil will be made by relevant authorities free charge to determine if it necessary to clean it.
He's offered to come and put a full system in free charge, so any money we raise will go towards the maintenance and upkeep of it.
SWAT -- Deputy Secretary Pukhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PKMAP), Dr Khalid Mehmood Khalid here Thursday has strongly denouncing PTI's government for suspending the facility of free charge medical treatment for the dwellers of Swat and blocking funds.
Customers with a home to sell can take advantage of Bellway's free charge Express Mover service, where Bellway will work with buyers to secure a sale on their old home by employing an estate agent on their behalf, thereby saving the cost of employing a sales agent and the associated advertising charges.
Stansted Airport flies to over 150 destinations in over 30 countries worldwide and offers customers fast, modern trains with free wi-fi, free charge points and refreshments.
Interactions between molecules and the sensor are caused by reactions with oxygen on the heated sensor surface leading to a change of the free charge carrier concentrations and thus to a change in conductivity in the metal oxide layer.
He said that his government appreciates all such projects by the private sector and would do everything possible for the Burns Centre which is providing expensive treatment free charge of to the needy people.
In addition to that, the customers will have life Takaful coverage at zero percent fees, two months grace period during the financing, and two years free charge card.
belongs to the free charge and the other to the individual Planck particles making up the degenerate negativeenergy PV.
The surface free charge carriers are responsible for the electrostatic interaction of bacteria with surfaces.