Free cost

freedom from charges or expenses.

See also: Free

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He further said that land for such schemes either given by the Government or any philanthropist , it would be built labour colonies on that lands, like wise Asif Ali Zardari sb had given free cost of land at Naudero Larkana for the purpose.
A PS7MILLION cocaine and money-laundering trial which saw a wealthy husband and wife walk free cost taxpayers more than PS430,000 in legal aid, it has emerged.
Courses that are not free cost $18 for ADHA members or $30 for non-members.
30 talk time and free cost credit of 10 minutes of Airtel-to-Airtel calling.
Accepting most major insurance plans, they offer financing, free cost estimates, and even language assistance for people who speak Spanish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, and Korean.
Medical dispensaries will soon be installed where free cost treatment and medicines will be available.
Climbers that relocate to Glasgow try to get work here, just so they can get regular access to our facilities at a reduced or free cost," he says.
Entwistle Green offers free cost of moving appointments and mortgage advice ?
Despite the free cost, sellers do not ask for registrations.
Contact us today to receive a FREE cost comparison of the VDP vs.
As a rule that source of external financing is free cost.