Free labor

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the labor of freemen, as distinguished from that of slaves.

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The relic of barbarism, the primitive commune with each guarantee for all, will disappear of itself; serfdom has been abolished--there remains nothing but free labor, and its fomms are fixed and ready made, and must be adopted.
In a statement, Philippine Association of Free Labor Unions president Terry Tuazon said the government should lower the cost of the e-passport and make it more affordable, particularly for overseas Filipino workers.
In Das Kapital, Marx's primary concern is with industry and as such he preoccupies himself with the relation of the free labor to capital which alternately leads to a relatively light evaluation of the use slavery has to capital.
Also has FREE labor (internship) with CF College & workforce.
24; seniors, $22; children 17 and younger, free labor day weekend.
Small and medium enterprises "play a significant role in developing the national economy, boosting free labor in addition to increasing and diversifying domestic output," he said.
And, hey, if the turtles help themselves to some melons or low-hanging ripe tomatoes, it's a small price to pay for the free labor they provide
Justice Robert Jackson, set forth a free labor interpretation of the
I not only did all that digging for nothing but also used up my free labor capital getting my friends to help me--and I hadn't even started building anything yet.
Case provides up to one-year or 1,500-hour warranty coverage, including six months free labor on remanufactured hydraulic pumps installed at a Case Dealer Service Center.
Their free labor rejected, the viral marketers kept their sense of humor.
She demonstrates the origins of women's political culture in debates over freedmen's relief and suggests how militant white and black female reformers clashed with male advocates of free labor ideology.