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There is much jealousy between the children of the rich emancipist and the free settlers, the former being pleased to consider honest men as interlopers.
Crouching in holes or hidden in thickets, he had tried to read the faces of unsuspecting free settlers working in the clearings or passing along the paths within a foot or two of his eyes.
One of the quirkiest pieces on show was the Briggs Family Tea Service, which, in its white, black and brown colours, represents the marriage of George Briggs, a free settler to Tasmania, to Woretermoeteyenner of the Pairrebeenne people, and the four children they had together.
Social history website said its collection contains 8.9 million names and gives the average person in this country a one in four chance of having a free settler ancestor.
This isn't really wine country but that hasn't stopped a free settler or two putting in grapes.
The novelty here is how early Australia's population mix - a tense and sometimes violent one of convict, Emancipist, aborigine, and free settler - sometimes manipulated but eventually adapted this inherited law, "British right", to its own peculiar circumstances.
Perth was founded on June 11,1829, by Captain James Stirling as the political centre of the free settler Swan River Colony.