Free-hand drawing

a style of drawing made without the use of guiding or measuring instruments, as distinguished from mechanical or geometrical drawing; also, a drawing thus executed.

See also: Drawing

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Rotating Canvas: After selecting Rotation Mode in the Surface Dial, artists can easily rotate the canvas by turning the dial left or right, making free-hand drawing easier by changing the canvas orientation up to 360 degrees.
She felt that its formal demeanour demanded tools to be precisely delivered, and, wanting to minimize her tools, her preference was for the free-hand drawing against the precisely measured one.
Each day, he may spend up to four hours performing free-hand drawing exercises, designed to achieve perfection in his line-making ability.
The free-hand drawing surfaced in 1939 in possession of Richard Hejwosz, who initiated a search for relatives of the mapmaker.
As they develop confidence in free-hand drawing, students learn to appreciate the still life as another approach to experiencing art.
It is a new mode of freestanding scanning defined by free-hand drawing on the image, allowing the user to scan a selected area for spectrum.
The BE-300 comes bundled with personal information management (PIM) applications, including a calendar, contacts database, to-do list, and memo pad that allows text and free-hand drawing.
In addition to image selection and editing, the stylus is used for free-hand drawing with different line weights and colors, as well as a text editing and novelty stamp function tool to help create fun captions and drawings on the final finished photo.
It supports signature capture, free-hand drawing and handwriting recognition capabilities.
Emeralds imaging facility lets users transform paper documents and forms to electronic format and enables group form processing using type, free-hand drawing, or sticky- notes annotations.
You can meet Hunter and see him transforming his free-hand drawings from his etched zinc plates, into original finished works of art.