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n.1.The doctrine or practice of consorting with the opposite sex, at pleasure, without marriage.
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(1) However, these queer readings of the novel have not been fully historicized within the context of the nineteenth-century free-love movement.
This isn't just a story of people enjoying a free-love bacchanal; Summerlong also explores the consequences and heartbreak of testing the limits of relationships.
Hayden (English, Hunger College) presents a critical study of rhetoric in the free-love feminist movement, which she locates from the mid-19th to the early-20th centuries.
Aniston, 43, plays Manhattan girl Linda who, along with her husband George played by Paul Rudd, ditches the city for a simpler life in a free-love hippy commune.
As David Reynolds has demonstrated, Whitman was deeply associated in the popular imagination with Free Love: "Emerson connected him with the free-love movement, as did James Harlan, Whitman's superior in the Interior Department who in 1865 fired him, reportedly, in the belief that 'he was a free lover, deserved punishment, &c'" (222).
Replacing 50g of white rice with the same amount of free-love rice reduces the risk by 16 per cent, according to hippies at the Harvard School of Public Health.
In his North American Review article, Whitman called marriage "the foundation and sine qua non of the civilized state." (123) Shortly before Heywood's trial in 1883, Whitman told O'Connor that he desired "to remain entirely aloof & silent (& send no money)." (124) O'Connor shared Whitman's opinion: "I don't like Heywood's ways, and I don't like the Free-Love theories at all, but he has his rights, which these devils trample on." (125) Whitman's reluctance to be identified with Heywood and the free love movement was not entirely unusual even among social progressives in the 1870s and 1880s.
Little surprise--many Republicans resent the free-love, flower-power sensibilities epitomized by many in the generation.
Their screaming might also have had something to do with the free-love orgies which were a regular feature of their life.
Jean-Francois Bouchard, creative director of the Cirque du Soleil Experience, said: "The inspiration for Revolution began with the Beatles' message of love, but the atmosphere will be a modern twist on their era of freedom, self-expression and free-love. "
Joining a growing number of scholars examining nineteenth-century sexuality and feminism, the author of this study focuses on the "free-love" movement in that century.
There's mental rednecks, hippy girls who believe in free-love, and the lads thinking they've got over the worst of the river - just before their canoe goes over a waterfall!