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1. The distance from the water line to the gunwales of an open boat or to the main deck of a decked vessel.
2. The distance between normal water level and the top of a structure or mass that rises out of the water, such as a buoy, dam, or ice floe.

[Probably ultimately partial translation of Anglo-Norman franc bord, land claimed outside the fence of a park or forest : franc, free + bord, bort, border; see border.]


(Nautical Terms) the space or distance between the deck of a vessel and the waterline


(ˈfriˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

1. (on a cargo vessel) the distance between the uppermost deck considered fully watertight and the official load line.
2. the height of the watertight portion of a building or other construction above a given level of water.


[ˈfriːbɔːd] n (Naut) → bordo libero
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The city already requires one foot of freeboarding and residents can apply for a variance if they choose, but Waring pointed to the fact that variances are mainly given to properties on the peninsula.
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