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A man who has been freed from slavery.
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n, pl -men
a man who has been freed from slavery
ˈfreedˌwoman fem n
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(ˈfrid mən)

n., pl. -men.
a person who has been freed from slavery.
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Noun1.freedman - a person who has been freed from slavery
freeman, freewoman - a person who is not a serf or a slave
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n pl <-men> → befreiter or freigelassener Sklave
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"All these monuments which you see," said the Monkey, "are erected in honor of my ancestors, who were in their day freedmen and citizens of great renown." The Fox replied, "You have chosen a most appropriate subject for your falsehoods, as I am sure none of your ancestors will be able to contradict you."
or shall we say that there will no inconvenience arise from their not being citizens, as they are neither slaves nor freedmen: for this is certainly true, that all those are not citizens who are necessary to the existence of a city, as boys are not citizens in the same manner that men are, for those are perfectly so, the others under some conditions; for they are citizens, though imperfect ones: for in former times among some people the mechanics were either slaves or foreigners, for which reason many of them are so now: and indeed the best regulated states will not permit a mechanic to be a citizen; but if it be allowed them, we cannot then attribute the virtue we have described to every citizen or freeman, but to those only who are disengaged from servile offices.
It's for the freedmen as well as the Chesters, and I think it very kind of them to let me share the labor and the fun.
On this policy of his toward the serfs and freedmen Norman of Torn and the grim, old man whom he called father had never agreed.
Freedmen had not only very different social and economic conditions but they could also have different legal status depending on different methods of manumission.
Under the terms of this contract, Taylor agreed to pay the freedmen "one third (1/3) part of the entire crop made by them on his plantation in the year 1866." Taylor would not provide food or clothing but would furnish lodging and firewood.
Unlike his predecessor, Chief Bill John Baker has not opposed descendants of the tribe's former slaves, known as the Cherokee Freedmen, having rights as tribal citizens.
Popularly known as 'Black Seminoles', American Seminole freedmen have a long history of oppression and have long been assigned a label which denies them cultural distinctions.
This year, Cherokees voted to expel Black Indians, known as Cherokee Freedmen, from the tribe.
Carol Faulkner, Women's Radical Reconstruction: The Freedmen's Aid Movement.
To compensate for lack of local records, Zipf makes a fine use of the Freedmen's Bureau records for 1865 to 1867.