Freedom of the city

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the possession of the rights and privileges of a freeman of the city; formerly often, and now occasionally, conferred on one not a resident, as a mark of honorary distinction for public services.

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They sent their respects by me." The "respects" might have been the freedom of the city, or an equestrian statue, when presented in this way, and the aunts would have shuddered could they have foreseen the manner of delivery; but it was vastly impressive to the audience, who concluded that Mirandy Sawyer must be making her way uncommonly fast to mansions in the skies, else what meant this abrupt change of heart?
He was given the freedom of the city of Edinburgh and more than 200 pounds was spent on a great feast in his honor.
Deputy leader Coun Michael Mordey said: "Freedom of the City for Jordan Henderson is an idea that has been suggested by the majority Labour Group, which the council is now considering.
Oh, and what do you really get with the Freedom of the City? A nice certificate.
In 1981, Glasgow became the first in the world to confer on Mandela the freedom of the city, as he sat in a cell on South Africa's Robben Island.
It says: "The conferring of the honour of Freedom of the City is a means of acknowledging the contribution made by an individual, association or organisation to the life of the City of Cardiff."
He said: "Marching with the Queen's Colour is a very rare opportunity and I am honoured to act as Warrant Officer in the Colour Party when RAF Boulmer receives the Freedom of the City."
The Freedom of the City of London is an award which has a pedigree of almost 800 years.
The constitutional committee met on March 7 to discuss the move and confirmed in a report that "there is no express power in the legislation to revoke the Freedom of the City".
Major General Charles Stickland, Commandant General of the Royal Marines, said: "It is a real privilege for the Royal Marines to be given the Freedom of the City of Birmingham.
Freedom of the City is the highest civic honour a council can give to either a person or a military unit in recognition of their exceptional service.

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