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A minority of rams display a preference for homosexuality (8% on average) and a small number of the females that were accompanied by a male fetus in utero are freemartins.
The first thought was that females with the Y chromosome could be "freemartins." This condition, resulting from twinning in cattle, causes infertility in the female calf born at the same time as her male twin.
The female twin of a cow/calf pair is called a freemartin. Freemartins are sterile 92% of the time.
The West Eugene club will mark the end of pre-Lenten hedonism with a party hosted by the Freemartins, Genus Pro and Papa's Soul Kitchen.
Hermaphrodites, freemartins, mosaics and chimeras in animals, Pp.
Unfortunately, this concept runs into two problems: the low rate of multiple births and freemartins.