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One who has rejected authority and dogma, especially in religious thinking, in favor of rational inquiry and speculation.

free′think′ing adj. & n.
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a person who forms his or her ideas and opinions independently of authority or accepted views, esp in matters of religion
ˌfreeˈthinking n, adj
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(ˈfriˈθɪŋ kər)

a person who forms opinions on the basis of reason, independent of authority or tradition.
free′think′ing, adj., n.
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Noun1.freethinker - a person who believes that God created the universe and then abandoned it
nonreligious person - a person who does not manifest devotion to a deity
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[ˈfriːˈθɪŋkəʳ] Nlibrepensador(a) m/f
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[ˌfriːˈθɪŋkəʳ] nlibero/a pensatore/trice
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He was one of the great humanitarian French freethinkers; and the only thing wrong with them is that they make mercy even colder than justice.
They were Presbyterians, the judge was a freethinker.
Socrates is nowhere represented to us as a freethinker or sceptic.
To all this her mother replied that Alexandra was a freethinker, and that all this was due to that "cursed woman's rights question."
In this landmark book, familiar Enlightenment figures share places with voices that have remained largely unheard until now, from freethinkers and freemasons to French materialists, anticlerical Catholics, pantheists, pornographers, readers, and travelers.
Despite the fact that Freethinkers were not always abolitionists (due to the religious zeal of abolition); feminists were seldom atheists; Freethinkers were not always feminist; and both Freethinkers and feminists were sometimes anti-immigrant and antisemitic, Rose managed the contradictions, chose her battles wisely, and always developed deep personal connections to her colleagues.
The group includes the outlawed in Tajikistan Islamic Renaissance Party, Movement for Reforms and Progress, Forum of Freethinkers of Tajikistan, Association of Migrants of Central Asia, Ahbor reports.
Although most of her friendships were with other freethinkers, not feminists, Rose formed a strong bond with Susan B.
"New Mexico abounds in people who are concerned about science education, whether because they're science educators themselves, scientists, environmentalists, businesspeople, faith leaders or freethinkers, parents, or all of the above," Glenn Branch, deputy director of NCSE, wrote in a Nov.
On Saturday, August 26 2017 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, the Humanists of Linn Countyalong with Freethinking Families of Linn County, Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers, and the Central and Eastern Iowa Coalition of Reasonwill be hosting a Raising Secular Kids in a Religious World workshop.
The grant review committee consists of March for Science organizers Madi Polera, Madison Robison, and Daniella Daniels, as well as Jane Nelson, Jay Greenblatt, Fred Bingham, and Anne Rose, members of the March's non-profit sponsor Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear.
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