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(Historical Terms) history the French Directory. See Directory
1. (Art Movements) of, in, or relating to a decorative style of the end of the 18th century in France, a form of neoclassicism
2. (Clothing & Fashion) characteristic of women's dress during the French Directory, typically an almost transparent dress with the waistline under the bust


(di rɛkˈtwar)

1. of or designating the style of French furniture and decoration of the mid-1790s, characterized by simple lines and an increasing use of Greco-Roman forms.
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Revolutionary furniture that reduced in scale and simplified the preceding Louis XVI style, especially in its late Etruscan phase. The fasces and cape of liberty were important additions to the traditional classical ornaments.
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Tone's success in convincing the French Directory to send successive military expeditions to Ireland typically is viewed as his greatest achievement and this view is amply supported here.
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Mary Wollstonecraft's Wrongs of Woman is among a pile of pamphlets spilling from a `Cornucopia of Ignorance', while representatives of the radical press cluster round Louis Marie de La Revelliere-Lepaux, the `holy hunchback' of the French Directory.
Valerie Shwartz, Director of the 118 008 directory assistance service of the French directory publisher PagesJaunes, commented, "Quality is a central issue of the 118 008 system.
14 April 2011 - Italian yellow pages publisher Seat Pagine Gialle SpA (BIT:PG) announced on Thursday it had clinched a commercial partnership agreement with Horyzon Media, the digital advertising network of French directory publishing group Pages Jaunes (EPA:PAJ).
1% stake in a French directory services company, Intra Call Center S.
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14 February 2011 - French directory publishing group PagesJaunes (EPA:PAJ) and publishing group Spir Communication (EPA:SPI) seek to compete with US deal-of-the-day website Groupon, which already operates on the French market, daily Les Echos reported on Monday.
PagesJaunes Groupe plans to take part in the liberalisation of the French Directory enquiries market, although this market is not expected to be opened up until the fourth quarter of 2005.