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CUSTOMERS with any old currencies like French francs or German marks have until tomorrow to get them changed at branches of Lloyds TSB Scotland.
Beginning with one hundred dollars in American currency, she traded the money for French francs, losing a bit to exchange rates, and then back into dollars, losing a bit more, proceeding apace until she was down to a few coins that the agencies refused to convert.
Rediscovery, who will carry the Sheikh Mohammed colours, is a half-brother to a winner and cost 620,000 French francs.
The national currency of the 12 countries which have joined the Euro and become worthless on January 1 are Austrian schillings, Belgian francs, Dutch guilders, Finnish marks, French francs, German deutschmarks, Greek drachma, Irish punt, Italian lira, Luxembourg francs, Portuguese escudos and Spanish pesetas.
This means that unless British holidaymakers reconvert their hoarded Spanish pesetas, Italian lira and French francs back into sterling they will become worthless pieces of coloured paper.
The site, which is to go live today (5 October), will allow French buyers and sellers to trade items using French Francs.
Most French retailers already have dual-price labeling in French francs and euros.
A COVENTRY travel firm has offered to replace pounds 100 worth of French francs stolen from a pensioner who planned to use the money on a pilgrimage to Lourdes with disabled youngsters.
The companies acquired by Bouygues Offshore posted a consolidated turnover last year of one billion French Francs (Euro 0.
Previously when I have had liabilities in the French francs, I was obliged to have assets in French francs.
5 billion French francs on the construction of the plant, which the French government said will create 2,000 jobs in a region of high unemployment.
For example, a Dutch QBU with receivables denominated in French francs would have to recognize for U.