French Sudan

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French Sudan

(Placename) a former name (1898–1959) of Mali


(ˈmɑ li)

Republic of, a republic in W Africa: formerly a territory of France; gained independence 1960. 10,429,124; 478,821 sq. mi. (1,240,140 sq. km). Cap.: Bamako. Formerly, French Sudan.
Ma′li•an, n., adj.
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Noun1.French Sudan - a landlocked republic in northwestern AfricaFrench Sudan - a landlocked republic in northwestern Africa; achieved independence from France in 1960; Mali was a center of West African civilization for more than 4,000 years
Bamako - the capital of Mali; located in the south on the Niger
Timbuktu - a city in central Mali near the Niger river; formerly famous for its gold trade
Africa - the second largest continent; located to the south of Europe and bordered to the west by the South Atlantic and to the east by the Indian Ocean
Niger, Niger River - an African river; flows into the South Atlantic
Malian - a native or inhabitant of Mali
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The French Sudan, present day Mali, was located in the west of Lake Chad.
It focuses on the 'cheminots refoules', railway workers with origins in the former French Sudan (today's Republic of Mali) who were expelled from Senegal shortly after both territories declared independence, and other 'Sudanese' settled in Senegal, sometimes for several generations.
People from territories including Madagascar, French Sudan, India, Morocco, Congo, and Tunisia were transported from their homes to France, dressed in traditional costumes and put on display in the temporary communities.
The 'French Sudan' encompassing Mali and parts of Mauritania, Senegal, Burkina Faso and Niger, had a civilian governor that primarily facilitated resource extraction and transport to the coast.
A Foreign Ministry release issued in Monrovia Tuesday, 3 April says Senegal and the French Sudan were granted independence simultaneously from France on April 4, 1960, and were named the Federation of Mali.
1959 - Federal state of Mali is formed by Union of Republics of Senegal and French Sudan.
Mali fell under French colonial rule in 1892 and the territory was named French Sudan. In early 1959, the Sudanese Republic and Senegal formed the Federation of Mali.
The author explores marriage as a social and legal institution in colonial Mali, or the French Sudan, arguing that it was a tool for articulating and consolidating colonial power.
In 1919, the French further divided their area of land, separating Upper Volta from French Sudan and then further dismantled and divided this colony in 1932.

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