French Foreign Office

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Noun1.French Foreign Office - the French department in charge of foreign affairs; referred to familiarly by its address in Paris
Foreign Office - the government department in charge of foreign relations
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Much later, in 1978 while I was Commander Karachi, the French Consul General told me that in March 1971 he was a Consul in Dhaka, on 6th or 7th Mujib dropped in at his office and asked him to pass a message to the French Foreign Office directly and not through his Ambassador in Islamabad whom Mujib suspected was too close to the establishment.
66 Officially, France and America both denied the reality of such reports and French Foreign Office spokesperson stressed that, "de Guiringuad did not discuss nuclear deal with M.
TUNIS (TAP) - "France calls for quick resumption of the national dialogue in Tunisia" said French Foreign Office Spokesperson in a statement released on Thursday.
Ivor wrote The Rat originally for the West End stage, playing a star of the French Foreign Office sensationally revealed as "an apache from the underworld, once famous as a dancer at the White Coffin in Montmatre.
A French foreign office spokesman said they were trying to verify the report of the killing of Philippe Verdon.
A French foreign office spokesman said Paris was trying to verify the report of the killing of Philippe Verdon, who was kidnapped in November 2011, adding that "we don't know at the moment" whether it was reliable.
According to a statement issued by French Foreign Office, the French government said the responsible for this heinous act must be prosecuted and condemned.