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He was a French kickboxing and grappling champion, who has also fought all over the world.
Bartitsu was dreamed up by Edward William Barton-Wright in the late 19th century and combines elements of boxing, ju-jitsu, cane fighting and French kickboxing.
There will also be clashes between French kickboxing expert Xavier Foupa-Pokam and England-based Moldavan fighter Pavel Doroftei, judo background English fighter Jim Wallhead up against Rodrigo Ribeiro from Brazil, who works in Abu Dhabi, Baga Agaev from Russia versus Mike Kyle from the US, and Max Nunes from Sweden taking on Alexander Dolotenko from Ukraine.
Crossan is a purple belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and teaches the grappling art, along with a mix of stand-up fighting styles such as savate - French kickboxing - and Filipino sayok kali.
QUITE AN EIFFEL French kickboxing star Chantal Menard; UNDIE-CARD Chantal has huge following in kickboxing but her demands are a headache for promoters; SHIN THE THICK OF IT Chantal Menard in action