French pancake

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Noun1.French pancake - small very thin pancake
battercake, flannel cake, flannel-cake, flapcake, flapjack, hot cake, hotcake, pancake, griddlecake - a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle
crepe Suzette - crepes flamed in a sweet orange-and-lemon flavored liqueur sauce
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We were of course fairly full at thi t b t hit this stage but who can resist a sweet French pancake for afters?
circus (8) 10 Exclude (4) 11 French pancake (5) 3 digits245 414 448 613 711 8566 digits326583 413603 700245 9 digits355773540 366778667 371345550 441701074 71 Tissue DOWN: 1 Fan club 2 Owl 3 Hair 5 Odd-job man 6 Rewiring 7 Noose Name Address Postcode 8 Bolster 9 Annotate 10 Envy 11 Apron 12 Limply 13 Flag down HOW TO ENTER Here's your chance to win this week's PS100 prize.
The new venue will include an outdoor seating facility, and a menu comprising a selection of the French pancake in addition to salads, galettes and comfort foods.
The Galette ?pinards et Fromage, which translates to a Spinach and cheese French pancake and Risotto du Sous-Bois, wild mushroom risotto are ordered for them while the rest debate between Filet of Basa Fish in Lemon Caper Butter or Jumbo Prawns in Tomato and Cognac Sauce.
"I had the idea for this business after I went to Manchester and saw an amazing French pancake shop.
They should have walked along France's Pink Granite Coast, had a trip to a planetarium, visited a Gallic village, been welcomed at an official reception, visited a French school, spent time with a French family, gone to a market, had a day in a medieval village and - as a treat at the end of the trip - gone to a traditional French pancake house.
(7) 98 French pancake, - - - suzette (5) 99 Very skilled, proficient (5) 101 Give up (the throne) (8) 103 Went by bicycle (4) 107 Artful (4) 110 Philistine giant killed by David (7) 112 One of the deadly sins (7) 113 Absorb (4,2) 115 The number in a trilogy (5) 116 Born Free lioness (4) 117 Roof material (6) 118 Tiny person?
S3 and S4 pupils had great fun in the home economics department making French pancakes.
We started the day with a full-on birthday boy breakfast with piles of homemade French pancakes, real hot chocolate and this rather marvellous watermelon 'cake'.
There are plenty of places to eat on the go, too: La Crepe Rit, The Colonnades: Lose yourself in the authentic French cuisine with a huge selection of savoury gallettes (a mix of buckwheat flour, wheat flour, eggs, water and salt), sweet crepes (traditional French pancakes - these are the sweet version of gallettes).
Profusely and beautifully illustrated throughout, the recipes range from Beetroot Bread with Chevre; to French Pancakes; to French Apple Pie; and so much more.