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Noun1.French person - a person of French nationality
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe
Gaul, frog - a person of French descent
Parisian - a native or resident of Paris
Breton - a native or inhabitant of Brittany (especially one who speaks the Breton language)
Savoyard - a resident of Savoy
Angevin, Angevine - a resident of Anjou
Norman - an inhabitant of Normandy
References in classic literature ?
He has about him a little of that foreign manner by which French persons recognize, at first sight, the Italian or German nobleman.
Legendary investor Warren Buffet of Berhshire Hathaway is the third richest with a fortune worth $84 billion while Bernard Arnault, CEO of the world's largest luxury goods conglomerate LVMH ranked fourth with a fortune of $72 billion and is the highest-ranking French person on this list.
We can find out something about Yoda's native language by looking at how he speaks English, in the same way as I can find out about a French person's native language by looking at how that French person speaks English.
For example, a French person driving through Germany might ask a question in French.
Then in Paris, addressing the French media in the French language, in a speech that would have taken a fluent French person ten minutes to deliver, took me twenty, but I was awarded a louder applause than I had ever received for scoring decent runs for Glamorgan.
Here in France, the visceral reaction a French person will have to the word "Sunday," which signifies a day of rest or pleasure, will always be different to that of an Egyptian for whom Sunday signifies the beginning of the workweek and may smell of Cairo traffic and taste of morning tea drunk too quickly.
Canadian authorities confirmed one of its citizens had died, while French officials say a French person is among the dead, another is missing and four are seriously injured in hospital.
Sarah Marrer, 18, from Lille, said it is important to "show that we're not afraid", adding: "I think it's important that every French person and everyone can come here and enjoy and show that it's not over.
That is exactly why I feel very close with the Lebanese people as a French person," he added.
As far as knowing which camp will win, it is more of a domestic political combination that has seen giants such as Prime Minister David Cameron (dangerously gambling on a political coup) or London Mayor Boris Johnson (placing himself as the Tory party succession) confront each other in a growing cacophony, the outcome of which no French person would dare foretell.
As a French person, Christmas pudding is not something I traditionally eat, but the way I like my Christmas pudding is light and fruity," says the 30-year-old, who has been macerating his fruit for six weeks in a mix of rum, brandy, kirsch and lemon and orange juice.
As a French person it is really frustrating to see this happen to my country.