French pie

(Zool.) the European great spotted woodpecker (Dryobstes major); - called also wood pie.

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The Chicago restaurant in "Wicker Park" is called Bellucci's in heartfelt homage to the movie that inspired this film--"L'Appartement," the crackerjack 1996 French pie that marked the first pairing of Monica Bellucci and her future husband, Vincent Cassel.
So far, 2004 has turned in the disappointing performance of "Blueberry," the $46 million French pie that took home $3.
They differ from English or French pies and petAs en cro[currency]te in that the encasing dough is made from a light yeast paste.
French pies "Le Concert" and "Le Petit Nicolas" came in at No.
But as film settles into its groove, and its characters decamp for jaunts in Paris, a more Gallic flavor comes through, redolent of the breeziness of early Francois Truffaut (especially "Jules et Jim," an acknowledged touchstone here), as well other more recent French pies focusing on bright, young, arty things, such as Olivier Assayas' "Late August, Early September.
While an array of middle-ranking French pies performed respectably, there was no overwhelming local blockbusters comparable to last year's "Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra" or 2001's "Amelie.
Under the deal, Canal Plus commits 45% of its required annual investments to acquiring French pies budgeted under 35 million francs ($5.
Last year, Arsenal picked up French pies "Marius et Jeannette" and "Y aura t-il de la Neige a Noel.
PARIS It's rare for a German film to make a dent in the French theatrical market and French pies are not exactly doing boffo business in Italy.