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French Canadian

A Canadian of French ancestry.

French′-Ca·na′di·an adj.


A. ADJfrancocanadiense
B. N
1. (= person) → francocanadiense mf
2. (Ling) → francés m canadiense
References in classic literature ?
Perrault was a French-Canadian, and swarthy; but Francois was a French-Canadian half-breed, and twice as swarthy.
He would have appeared a large man had not a huge French-Canadian stepped up to him from the bar and gripped his hand.
In point of fact it's Florian, that famous French acrobat and comic actor; I knew him years ago out West (he was a French-Canadian by birth), and he seems to have business for me, though I hardly guess what.
Though unanimously endorsed by Canada's political class, this notion that Quebec is - and should be - the country's French-Canadian homeland grinds awkwardly against the egalitarian, "post-national" multiculturalism that has earned Canada so much international acclaim in the age of Trump and Brexit.
is a French-Canadian and Native-American cultural festival and fundraiser celebrating the founding heritages of Detroit.
In 1904 one northern New York newspaper published an article on logging in the region proclaiming "these French-Canadian inhabitants of the woods are half-wild folk.
If you ever thought that Canada's colonial history was exclusively the purview of male fur traders, missionaries, Aboriginal suppliers, warriors and aristocrats, you are sure to find Jan Noel's Along a River: The First French-Canadian Women to be an illuminating counter-story.
PSYCHO PSYCHO ALMOST CHRISTMAS Sky Movies Premiere 10PM PREMIERE Parolee Paul Giamatti takes a job selling Christmas trees in Brooklyn with fellow French-Canadian Paul Rudd.
Although this focus on French-Canadian tourism has roots on the campus of Plymouth State, it has rapidly expanded to encompass a diverse coalition of stakeholders both on- and off-campus and is now referred to collectively as "Bienvenue New Hampshire.
Hawke, several city councilors, veterans and representatives of the city's French and French-Canadian community gathered in Lafayette Square yesterday afternoon to rededicate Franco-American Square.
Researchers from Concordia University and the University of Montreal conducted their study on Asian-Canadian and French-Canadian preschoolers.
Mark Paul Richard (Coordinator of the Canadian Studies program at the State University of New York-Plattsburgh and Associate Professor of History and Canadian Studies) presents Loyal but French: The Negotiation of Identity by French-Canadian Descendants in the United States, a thoughtful study of French-Canadian Americans.

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