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French Canadian

A Canadian of French ancestry.

French′-Ca·na′di·an adj.
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A. ADJfrancocanadiense
B. N
1. (= person) → francocanadiense mf
2. (Ling) → francés m canadiense
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Perrault was a French-Canadian, and swarthy; but Francois was a French-Canadian half-breed, and twice as swarthy.
He would have appeared a large man had not a huge French-Canadian stepped up to him from the bar and gripped his hand.
In point of fact it's Florian, that famous French acrobat and comic actor; I knew him years ago out West (he was a French-Canadian by birth), and he seems to have business for me, though I hardly guess what."
"Our nearest neighbors were French-Canadians. I learned to speak the French language."
Ju Percussion Group said in a press release that Canada's Sixtrum Percussion Ensemble and the Montreal branch of the Overseas Chinese Association invited them to bring its quintet performance "Beats of Hearts," to Montreal's Amphitheatre of Gesu, a historic site in the French-Canadian city.
Albert Faucher described this mass exodus from Quebec as "the landmark event of nineteenth-century French-Canadian history." (2) More recently, J.
From a French-Canadian perspective it would be the British and American War.
It covers the history of organized crime in Canada, its conceptualization, classification, and theories on its causes and structures; genres of crime, including Italian and Chinese organized crime and English and French-Canadian outlaw motorcycle gangs; criminal activities, such as extortion, theft, fraud, counterfeiting, human trafficking, business racketeering, gambling, smuggling, loansharking, and drug trafficking; and crime control concepts, policies, and agencies.
The film, to be released on 4/20, appears in the trailer to focus on the troopers finding out a French-Canadian town has somehow been incorporated into American territory.
Though unanimously endorsed by Canada's political class, this notion that Quebec is - and should be - the country's French-Canadian homeland grinds awkwardly against the egalitarian, "post-national" multiculturalism that has earned Canada so much international acclaim in the age of Trump and Brexit.
The event, which will take place from noon to 6:30 p.m., is a French-Canadian and Native-American cultural festival and fundraiser celebrating the founding heritages of Detroit.
There was, shall we say, a certain creative tension between les Anglais and the French-Canadian kids in the east end.

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