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n. frenectomía, excisión de un frenillo.
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Midwife-led tongue-tie release - frenulotomy - has been available at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (Sath) for three years and the 1,000th procedure was carried out this week.
There were many oppositions to frenulotomy and frenulectomy in the past due to complications and relapse.
Objective: To compare frenulotomy versus frenulectomy in cases of ankyloglossia in terms of post operative improvement in speech and feeding difficulties in children.
She went to see the delicate surgery performed at a Southampton hospital then brought the skills back to the Trust and now more than 330 local babies have undergone the surgery called frenulotomy.
The effectiveness of frenulotomy on infant feeding outcomes: a systematic review.
The procedure called a frenulotomy is used in the West in cases where the tissue under the tongue is abnormal and causes a speech impediment.
Critique of this study focused on the lack of blinding to the intervention of the mother and breastfeeding counsellor, which may have resulted in the placebo effect artificially improving their results from frenulotomy.
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