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Therefore, surviving panel sample returns and re freshment sample returns together make up the sample for SOCA cross-sectional estimation.
L: rebased voiks ise panna seda "Elu allikaid" ette lugema ja sis voiks rebaste seast valida (.) a Arvedit voi Tuuli ja Poliitsia (1.0) 'the freshment could be made to read out loud "Elu allikad" and then an Arved, Tuuli and Poliitsia could be picked out'
Keep it on hand for quick re freshment; use just the amount you need and keep the rest chilled airtight.
Each hotel offers a choice of room type, all with en suite facilites, colour TV and welcome freshment tray.
The Pleasantville freshment indicate that 28 of the 75 freshmen tested came from a single parent home.
According to the Food Science and Technology (India), December 1968 a basic composition for making ready to serve mutton sausages has been standardised issued by the C F.T.R I., packed in casings, they keep well longer the freshment that is about a week at a temperature of 4-5 deg C.
There is no question that the new Republican majority, especially the freshment in the House, have a commitment to reducing the role of the federal government, and they have brought with them a concrete agenda for doing so.
"Got some 'freshments," he said, dangling some beers in their six-pack plastic cradle, and she realized he was drunk.
After raising the funds for the visit themselves rough sponsored events, bag packing and selling freshments, the children were looking forward to a n filled day.
Clarke would call for everybody's best attention and announce that 'freshments was served!