Fresnel lens

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Fresnel lens
Prisms that make up a
Fresnel lens bend and
magnify light rays, creating
a single, concentrated beam
of light.

Fres·nel lens

A thin optical lens consisting of concentric rings of segmental lenses and having a short focal length, used primarily in lighthouses, spotlights, overhead projectors, and the headlights of motor vehicles.

[After Augustin Jean Fresnel.]
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Fresnel lens

(General Physics) a lens consisting of a number of smaller lenses arranged to give a flat surface of short focal length
[C20: named after Augustin Jean Fresnel (1788–1827), French physicist]
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Noun1.Fresnel lens - lens composed of a number of small lenses arranged to make a lightweight lens of large diameter and short focal lengthFresnel lens - lens composed of a number of small lenses arranged to make a lightweight lens of large diameter and short focal length
headlamp, headlight - a powerful light with reflector; attached to the front of an automobile or locomotive
lens, lens system, lense - a transparent optical device used to converge or diverge transmitted light and to form images
searchlight - a light source with reflectors that projects a beam of light in a particular direction
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The Fresnel lens that magnifies its 1000-watt bulb also needs repair.
Additionally, Fresnel lens has been proven as an appropriate concentrating device for using in solar photo-Fenton process [7, 8]:
Someone to wipe off the Fresnel lens, ensuring that its magnificent colors are unfettered in their reach across the foggy Pacific Ocean; someone to sweep its stairs, so tourists can climb up without inhaling dust; someone to wash its windows, so visitors may gaze out upon the oceanfront grounds.
The cube structure is made from an offset printed substrate of solid bleached sulfate from WestRock, laminated to metallised polyethylene with custom-registered Fresnel lens.
Therefore, we design the active two-axis solar tracker with Fresnel lens to collect the thermal power of solar efficiently and to offer a steady heat source for photo-thermal applications.
Visitors willing to climb 110 steps can view the lighthouse's First Order Fresnel Lens. In addition, the Interpretive Center, with many displays featuring the area's cultural and natural resources, will be open from 10 a.m.
Caption: Unifoil's Be Joyful decorative display cube with Fresnel lens.
In other areas such as packaging, new innovations as observed at The Holography Conference in Shanghai with the launch of a new innovative Fresnel lens environmentally-friendly packaging transfer foil and laminate by Wood and Associates are products that could well begin to take off.
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